Dear Pastors and faithful brethren, Palermo, July 8, 2014
Thank you for those who prayed for our annual Mission’s Conference. The church was in need of a good boost and we saw a good response to the preaching and teaching. Bro. Randall Jordan of Mazara Del Vallo here in Sicily and Joshua Leib, missionary to Sicily were our guest preachers and we had a good turnout each evening. On Sunday, the last day of the conference, we had a baptismal service by the sea and baptized an African man named Cacoo and my son Giosuè. Pray for remaining fruit from the conference. Bro. Joshua Leib was here in Sicily not only for the conference but also to secure housing for his family which are arriving at the end of August to begin their missionary work. After looking for a couple of months at different places, a suitable apartment was found right near the church on the first day of his trip here. Pray for their family as Bro. Joshua is back in the US now finishing up the last minute preparations before they fly out on August 24. They will be very busy and need your prayers. In May our family took a trip to Calabria on the mainland of Italy to visit missionary Dean Mazzaferri and family and to visit a printer who is printing 1,000 Diodati Bibles for us. This project will require $ 10,000.00 (about € 7,000.00) and although it has not been my habit to ask for extra money for ministry needs, I am making an exception with this Bible project not only because we could really use the contribution, but also to give some the opportunity to invest in a very worthy need in the Lord’s work. If anyone would like to be involved, gifts can be sent to the mission board at the top of the letter. Please just make sure to put Diodati Bible Project in the memo. We very much appreciate any help given and even more so your prayers.During our time in Calabria we had a good time of fellow-ship with Bro. Dean and family and also were blessed and encouraged to see the faithful work going on there and to be able to evangelize the Word of God together with them during our stay. Pray for a couple named Giovanni and Angela whom they have had good open doors with and who we also met and visited with. We were invited to a large family gathering of the Giovanni Scrima family. He and his wife Anna have four grown children with spouses and a total of 12 grandchildren. We have been able to open the Word of God with Giovanni and Anna in past visits and this time we met the whole family. Two of the daughters are involved in Jehovah’s Witnesses. Please pray for salvation of this large extended fam-ily and that we will continue to have open doors with them. Pray for Maria Claudia and her 16 year old son Mattias who have visited our home twice and both times my wife was able to open the Bible with Maria Claudia and explain the gospel to her. She is a new Catholic Evangelical which is becoming very popular here, so she agreed with a lot of the things she was being shown in the Scriptures. Pray for her salvation. Pray salvation for Tindara who was also with us in our home for a meal. We are trying to win her to the Lord. Pray salvation for Mark, Giorgio and his wife Caterina. Giorgio and Caterina both visited a service during the mission’s conference. They are orthodox catholic and he has been hearing a very clear presentations of the gospel for the past several months now. Giorgio has been visiting services off and on but this was the first time that his wife came. Thank you again brethren for laboring together with us. Bro. Sal Galioto and Family (2 Chron. 7:14)

Dear Pastors and Faithful brethren,
Thank you for your continues prayers for the Lord’s work here in Sicily.  We are currently evangelizing in the Mondello area of Palermo and are getting tracts to every home there.  Pray that the tracts will be read and that the Word of God will bare fruit in those who read them.  The literature tables have continued at the Central Station and the University.  There is very little interest among the University students but a better response at the Central Sta-tion.  Pray for Leandro, Vittorio and Eugene who we talked with and invited to Church.  Eugene had an unclear testimony.  Leandro and Vittorio are not saved.  I’ve been doing some preaching at the University entrance, but there is a general spirit of indifference.  And no apparent response.
A recent problem is that in the past couple of months there has been a huge influx of Jehovah's Witnesses.   They now, along with the Mormons, have mobile literature stands which enable them to move around the city and set up wherever they want with no authorization.  We also see them “going door to door as never before”.  From the lost worlds eyes, we are tagged up with them.  The only thing they have not yet copied is street preaching—because they have no message.  The new evangelical Catholic movement is also gaining big popularity and so closely mimics true evangelical Christianity that when we talk to them on the street they agree with everything we say.  But again, the only thing they don’t copy is street preaching.  Also ‘Hell’ does not fit in with any of these cults.
This last Sunday evening when the Church was do-ing street work at the Square, the opposite corner was occupied with JW’s and further on behind us was and outdoor Catholic service going on conducted by a woman.  Apart from that on another corner was an all white statues of Jesus name “Gesù degli Abissi” which means Jesus of the abyss.  There was an inscription explaining that on May 17th they plan to lower this statue 30 meters into the sea off the coast of Addaura in order to protect all the scuba divers.  Sort of under water shrine.  Crowds were flocking around the statue.  (No wonder Paul got mad in Athens).  Continue to pray for the Word of God to bear fruit in this city also with confusion.
I was contacted by a group of believers in the neighboring city of Bagheria whom one of them had taken literature form out table. They are without a pastor and asked if I would come and preach for them. They claimed to be Baptists and are the fruit of a missionary who was in Palermo about 30 years ago, but left. I went to meet them along with Bro. Chris, and we learned that they have many Calvinistic beliefs and strongly believe in predestination in the Calvinistic sense. I preached a basic salvation message (Rev. 3:20) which they really got a blessing from but then the discussion started about predestina-tion. We got them through some of the basic doctrine around that and they were being illuminated but towards the end they clung to their corrupt teaching. They asked me to come back to preach but I told them I only would if they were willing to be teachable and thoroughly investigate the Scriptures on these areas. I told them to pray about it and get back with me. Pray for this group. They have zeal but not according to knowledge.
We are currently translating another Chick Tract called “The Letter” and we are finishing up “The Three Crosses”.
May 18-22 we will be making a trip to Calabria to visit Brother Dean Mazzaferri and family and look into getting another 1,000 Diodati Bibles printed through a printer he knows.  If any churches or individuals would like to be a part of that financially, they can contact me.  June 26-29 will be our annual Missions/Bible Conference and we ask you to pray about that.  Bro. Joshua Leib (my son-in-law ) will be coming at that time and also to secure housing for his family.  They will arrive August 25th to labor here in Palermo for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We continue to have visitors in our services.  Cacoo and Catherina has been coming faithfully and a new couple Francis and Giulia.  Pray for Dario and Lilla to be faithful.  They are saved but floundering spiritually.  Pray for George who still is not saved but comes off and on.  Pray for Maria who visited in our home and we witnessed to.  She is caught up in the new evangelical catholic movement and attends a group who has a woman priest.  (what a shame)
In our mid week service we are studying the cults.  Pray for our faithful flock that we can be a testimony for the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ in this dark place.
Thank you again brethren for laboring together with us.
Bro. Sal Galioto and Family

Dear Pastors and Brethren,
Thank you for your continued prayers for us and for the Lord’s work in Sicily. It is a blessing and privilege to be entrusted with the gospel and to be ambassadors for our Lord Jesus Christ. A young woman from Ecuador named Jesse came to one of our Sunday morning services after having passed the church many times on foot. She has been in Palermo for 7 years and since that time her parents back in Ecuador have gotten saved, left the Catholic church and have been attending a Baptist church. They have been encouraging her to look for a Baptist church and once she found ours she came to a service. She understood the gospel already and said that she came because she wanted to be saved. After the service my wife led her to the Lord. She was due for a baby and we have not seen her since and she left no contact information. We gave her a Spanish Bible that day. Pray that she will grow and will return to church.
I received a call from Sergio who had visited in the past after finding a beat up tract on the street. He came to church and had gotten offended by something I said about Mary (mother of Jesus). He called recently saying that he was now ready to get saved and begin a new life. He came to a Tuesday night Bible study and after going through the gospel he called upon the Lord for salvation. He showed up Thursday night for prayer but then got up and left as the men were praying and we have not seen him since. Pray for Sergio. He has a rough background and a lot of baggage. The literature tables have been going steadily. Tuesdays we are at the Central Station and have had quite a few stop by for literature or to talk. While I man the table, someone else is out with tracts getting them to those who are waiting on buses. We had an elderly Italian lady of 88 years who received a tract from the literature table, coming to services for a few weeks. She lived out-side of Palermo and would take two buses to come to church. There is some incentive for those who think getting to church is too much effort. We tried to make a home visit but her family members are against the gospel and she has been verbally persecuted by them. She calls us secretly because she does not want them to know of her contact with us. Initially when my wife called her, she spoke very rudely. My wife was confused by her behavior. She then called me the next day to explain that her son was in the house when my wife called and so she had to fake it in front of him. Pray for Signora Marinella. The table at the University has opened doors with some of the students and also a monk named Piero (see photo). Pray for his salvation in particular. Pray also for Gabriele as well as all the students who receive tracts or are witnessed to.

A Nigerian sister named Rita who attends the church at times, gave birth to a baby girl whom the doctors gave no hope that the child would live. She called and asked us to pray, which we did. The baby had an unexplainable turnaround that has left the Italian doctors speechless. Rita has not been in church lately because the baby has been in the hospital for the past few months, but she calls often to thank us and always wants to give glory to God for the miracle he did on her child. I spoke to her husband Jerome on the phone recently, he is not saved, but this experience has made a big impact on him. Pray for his salvation. They would like to have a baby dedication for their child Emanuela in the near future. We have continued home visits with Giovanni Scrima and his wife Anna. Anna reads the Bible and so usually will come up with questions or comments from things she has read which gives us open doors to talk more with them. We gave them a good documentary on the Jehovah’s Witnesses which also clarifies the gospel. Two of their daughters are JW’s and it grieves them. Bro. Joe Matacchiera and his wife were with us for two weeks. He believes the Lord is calling him to Sicily and was here on a survey trip. There are red tape issues as far as visa entry, pray for the will of God in all this. Bro. Stefano Petraglia finished his time here at the end of January. This was is fourth visit in the past several years. The Lord has called him to serve with us here in Palermo and he is currently in Bible Institute. Pray for him. Pray for Giorgio a Romanian man who Bro. Stefano met on the street and had witnessed to while he was here. Giorgio just recently came to a Tuesday night Bible study and said that his mother back in Romania attends a Baptist church and that he used to attend also 7 years ago but he admitted that he was not saved, but said that he is now interested in knowing more about salvation. He said that he plans to continue attending as he is able. Pray that he will come under conviction and be saved. I went through the gos-pel on the night he was here and I think it will just be a matter of time. I can’t help believe that his mother has been praying for him and that our meeting up with him was a divine appointment. The following people have received a personal witness. Pray for their salvation: Giuseppe, Roberto, Ornella, Martina, Vin-cenzo, Isabella, Madahm, Jo, Federica and so many more.
Thank you again brethren for laboring together with us.
Bro. Sal Galioto and Family
Isaiah 32:20 “Blessed are ye that sow beside all waters, that send forth thither the feet of the ox and the ass. “


     A Blessed New Year to all our faithful supporting Pastors, Churches and Brethren, It is a great joy as we enter a new year to know that our Lord Jesus Christ is still the King of kings and Lord of lords and that this new year could be the year that we see him face to face. We ended 2013 on our knees in church with our faithful brethren, praying in the new year, as many of you did as well. We had an evening of fellowship and preach-ing, with our assistant pastor Chris Tolentino and brother Stefano Petraglia each preaching to us. The day prior we had some of the brethren at the house where we butchered a pig that was roasted for the fellowship meal. It was a dra-matic experience for those who have never done something like that— Lev. 17:11 & Rev 1:5 came alive before them. We took advantage of the holiday season by doing some Christmas caroling. We did a cantata twice, once at Piazza Politeama (one of the richer parts of Palermo) and once at Burgo Vecchio (one of the poorer and rougher parts of Palermo). On both evenings tracts were distributed as well as Scripture calendars. The church purchased 200 of these calendars and we have been distributing them. We received permission from Chick Publications to duplicate and produce the Light of the World DVD in English, Italian and Tagalog, and have been busy at that. We hope to distribute many of these at the literature tables. We have been waiting for several months now to get permission for the tables and finally we have the authorization in our hands. We will have one table at the Central Station on Tuesdays and one table at the University of Palermo on Thursdays. Both of these are prime locations. Pray that many will be reached with the gospel. We have had Bro. Stefano Petraglia here with us since October and he will be with us for another couple of weeks. He’s been a good help in the ministry and has been a blessing to our family and church. He took over all of the Jr. Sunday School and Friday night Youth ministries in the absence of our son Giacomo; and upon his departure our son Samuele will take on these ministries. While at home in NYC, brother Stefano also met a man named Giovanni who was visiting from Palermo. Since Giovanni has returned to Palermo, we have met several times with him and his wife, Anna, sometimes in their home and sometimes in ours. We’ve been able to open the Scriptures with them and answer some of their questions especially regarding the Jehovah’s Witnesses, of which two of their daughters are a part of. Please pray for their salvation as we hope to have further opportunities to witness to them. We continue to have good open doors for the gospel on the street and in personal witnessing. Pray for the following people who have heard the gospel over the past couple of months: Leonardo and Mirella, a lawyer and his wife who we have witnessed to in the past and again recently. They received a Light of the World DVD. Also, Saverio and Vale-ria, Esmerelda, Giovanna, Fabrizio (who visited in a church service), Daniele who is searching for the truth and very receptive to the gospel, Maverick a muslim man, Maria from Siracusa, Maria from Monreale, Larry and Luciana (our land-lords), Dunia from Florence and all those who receive gospel tracts or a witness out on the street or through door to door work. We are looking forward to this new year and, as a church, have chosen the theme "Lord, Increase our Faith!" Pray with us for that and that the gospel will bear much fruit in Palermo in 2014. Thank you brethren for laboring together with us. A fruitful and blessed year in our Lord Jesus Christ is our prayer for you. FORGIVE , FORGET and BE FRUITFUL !!!

Heb. 12:1-3

Palermo, 01/10, 2014
PictureStreet Preaching Politeama, Palermo
Dear Pastors and Faithful Brethren,
Palermo, 7/11/13

 Thank you for your continued prayers for us and the Lord’s work in Palermo. Your labor together with us is an encouragement and we wish it also to bring glory to God. The first Sunday in October was our 2nd anniversary of the church and also the ordination service for Bro. Chris Tolentino. We had a good turnout with several first time visitors. Bro. Chris has had previous Bible training, is a street preacher, a soul winner, and along with his family well meets the qualifications for bishops and deacons laid out in scripture. He is filling the position of Assistant Pastor in the church and is currently teaching the adult Sunday school. Eight men including myself took a trip to the city of Agri-gento to meet up with Jeff, a Nigerian brother who was previously in our church but had to transfer for work. We did street preaching and gospel tract distribution there with no remarkable events. Tracts were well received and we hope to be able to do this on a somewhat regular basis. Jeff is there without a church and needs fellowship. As most every where on the island, any non Catholic church is usually Pentecostal. Pray for Bro. Jeff and for a work to begin there. There is a large population of Africans in Agrigento who are fluent in English. Bro. Stefano Petraglia is here with us again from NYC. Believing that the Lord has a future for him in Sicily, he stepped out on faith for a 3 month stay. He left a good job, a thriving ministry that he had at his job, home church, family, etc.
Pray for the Lord to direct his time here as well as his future steps. I am in the process of applying for permits to have our litera-ture tables set up at the University of Palermo and also at the central bus terminal. Pray for divine appointments, open hearts, and doors of utterance.

Prayer Requestes For Faithfulness: The Maurizio Capizzi family, the Alessandro Manfrè Family, the Zaldi Govington Family, Bro Stefano Petraglia for direction.
  We always thank each one of you for your prayers and faithfulness!!

 Bro. Sal Galioto and my dear Family Heb. 12:1-3

Street Preaching Agrigento
Dear Pastors and Brethren,
    Thank you for your prayers and labor with us.  As summer comes to a close we look forward to the things that the fall brings.  The month of August is usually a slower month as most stores and businesses have half days and a week or two off.  Things shift down into a lower gear as people take time off their jobs and usual schedules for vacation time.  We finished up the Bible Institute at the end of July and will be picking that back up again later in the fall.  We have continued the literature tables on most Tuesday mornings and every Friday evening and the street work has continued throughout the summer every Sunday evening.  We still have liberty to pass out tracts and preach, almost always there are some who have genuine questions and there are good doors to give the gospel.  Our group, being multi cultural, speak several different languages, and so there is always preaching in Italian and English and Filipino.  Brother June who is one the more reserved side, preached for the first time recently in Tagalog, John 3:16.  There are enough Filipinos walking around the piazza so it was a good step for him and them.
    Mary and her granddaughter Naomi (Nigerians) were witnessed to about a year ago and then we did not see them until they recently showed up on a Sunday morning for church.  Mary got saved that Sunday and then the following Thursday Naomi was saved.  There are some difficult circumstances in their lives and we are working with Naomi especially who they were ready to ship back to Nigeria because of behavior problems.  Friends and relatives were all convinced that she "has a demon" because of her wild behavior and also a repeated nightly "apparition" of a spirit who was telling her that according to Naomi's words "she was in bondage forever".  This would throw her into a wild yelling and thrashing about until the spirit took her voice away and she would fall asleep.  Since she has gotten saved, she has not had one episode and there has been a big improvement in behavior.  Pray for her and her grandma who is grateful for what is happening.  
    Francesca Cali went home with the Lord in early July.  She had gotten saved just a couple months before she died.  We went to the visiting hours at the house and all the family was there.  Continue to pray for them for salvation.
    Brother Chris Tolentino took the position of Assistant Pastor.  There was an ordination service for him on September 15th and I invited Brother Jamie Homan, Missionary in Rome area, to be part of the ordination service.  Pray for Brother Chris and his wife Rowena and their son Jacob as he steps into this new position.
    The Church will celebrate it's second anniversary on October 6.  Brother Chris will be preaching the service and we are praying that it will be a good opportunity for visitors and those who are on the fringes.  Pray for this special Sunday.
    Brother Stefano Pictraglia from First Bible Church in Staten Island will be spending 3 months with us in helping in the ministries here in Palermo, please be in prayer on what the Holy Spirit will have him to do for his future.
    Then on October 8, me and my wife and our son Giacomo will be flying to the U.S. for a brief stay where we will attend to some family needs, namely situating Giacomo with Pastor Joe Silvestri of Wooster Bible Church, Wooster, OH.  There Giacomo will be working , getting his drivers license and being a part of the church there.  Please be in prayer also for Giacomo on what the Holy Spirit will have him to do for his future.
 We always thank God for each one of you for your prayers and faithfulness!!
Brother Sal Galioto and My dear Family                                                    Hebrews 12:1-3
Dear Pastors and Brethren in Christ,
Thanks to all those who’ve prayed for the work in Palermo the past couple of months.  Besides the Missions Conference, 12 have gotten saved and 7 baptized.  The Missions Conference was a good charge for the church.  We had started faith promise giving right after the New Year and the conference was a practical follow up.  Four missionaries presented their work and preached and we are currently able to support one of them, which is a good start for our group.  We hope to add to this with time as the church and saints grow. Antonia and Yoli received Christ as their Savior after Bro. Chris gave them the gospel during our street work.  Giacomo led two young men to the Lord over the past couple of weeks named Fabrizio and Christian.  A dying Filippino man named Juanito called upon the Lord to save him when Bro. Chris and I made a house visit.  He since has returned to the Philippines and last we heard he was in his last stages.  It was a blessing to see the peace that he had after he got saved.  When we arrived at his house, he was agitated and disturbed.  The family was also greatful and told us the door was open for us to come back.  An Italian woman Sandra mentioned in our last letter who had gotten saved has been faithful in all the ministries of the church.  Her mother Francesca was dying of cancer and my wife had gone to visit her in their home.  Several of Sandra’s siblings were there and Janet had a very good open door with them.  Francesca was ready to be saved and two of Sandra’s sisters named Sabina and Stefania also understood the gospel and called upon the name of the Lord for salvation.  Janet was talking with the women, but there were several men present who I have since met and have been to church and need to be saved.  Pray for Salvo, Rosario and Giuseppe.  Immediately after she was saved, Francesca had to be hospitalized as she was in the last stages of cancer and the doctors told the family there was no hope and that even chemotherapy was no longer possible.  She was no longer able to eat or eliminate because of a large tumor that had completely blocked off her colon.  She had a tube in her nose for intestinal matter to drain out because of continuous vomiting, and also a tube feed and a couple of other tubes.  A lot of praying was going on for her and she took a turn for better which the doctors could give no explanation for.  She began to eat and eliminate and was able to have all the tubes removed and released from the hospital.  Tests showed that their was improvement to the point that she could have chemo and she just started those treatments.  This has been a great testimony to the family.  Pray also for her other children, Massimo, Marcello and Alessia.  Francesca had told her daughter that as soon as she got out of the hospital she wanted to come to church.  She has been twice now, just this past Sunday to see her daughter Sandra get baptized.  Sandra’s husband Sandro has been coming to church for awhile now and just listening.  He has also been coming out with his wife to our street work and just watching.  Two weeks ago after witnessing the Gay Pride parade going on in the street below his apartment, he told me with tears in his eyes that he had seen it all and was ready to get saved.  He had understood the gospel and what he needed to do for awhile but somehow seeing that corruption brought him the conviction that he needed.  During the Gay Pride parade, we were unknowingly directly across the street from where Sandro and Sandra live in an apartment full of Filippinos.  We had been invited to the home of Zaldi and Rely, a couple who attend our church, to have a meal and give a gospel presentation to the friends and family they had invited.  As I was going through the Scriptures, the windows were literally rattling from the music and riot.  It reminded us of the sodomites in Sodom and Gomorrah pounding on the doors.  After the gospel message I gave an invitation and three people got saved, Zaldi, Rely and Joji Pray for the growth of these and also for the salvation of Joji’s husband who we plan to visit again.  Salvo, Rosi, Sandro, Sandra, Nenette, Sharon and Jacob all were baptized this past Sunday.  It was a good service and we had lost visitors attend.  Pray for a woman named Maria who came to the church a second time to talk, she has been studying with the JW’s for a year but is still not convinced and is confused.  Pray for Stefania, the neice of Mauirizio and Rosi who we got to give the gospel to while visiting in their home.  Pray for Francesco Greco who I had another open door with and he willingly took the tract after we talked.  Pray for a young woman named Illuminata who showed up at church and could not stay because she was in a hurry to an appointment, but she took some tracts and gospel literature and said she was searching for the truth and would come back some time.  Her name means "Illuminated", pray that she will truly be illuminated and be saved.  We have started the literature table again, one in an older section of Palermo on Friday evenings and one on Tuesday mornings at the Central Station. Pray for a man named Michele that we witnessed to.  Pray for a "deist" named Eliseo who has come to the piazza to listen and ask questions.  Pray for Emanuela, Nirma, Tindara and Giovanna who my wife has had open doors with.  We thank you brethren for your great help in the work here.  We know that many of you are praying and pulling the load with us and we appreciate it and give thanks to our Heavenly Father.  We thank you brethren for your great help in the work here. 
We always thank each for each one of you for your prayers and faithfulness!! 
Bro. Sal Galioto, Heb. 12:1-3

Greetings Pastors and Faithful Brethren Palermo 05-07, 2013 

     Thank you for your effectual prayers for us and the Lord’s work here. Prayer is the real work and we are thankful for those especially who pray for the people that we mention in our letters. We have asked prayer for Sandro and Sandra, a couple that we met over a year ago while preaching at the piazza. 

     Since our last letter my wife reencountered Sandra while walking in the city and invited her to church.  She came for the first time on Tuesday evening during Bible class, and since then she has been in church every Tuesday, Thursday and
Sunday.  Two weeks ago after our Thursday midweek service she prayed to receive Jesus Christ as her Savior and is faithfully reading the Bible and doing discipleship lessons.  She told the church that she has finally found what she has been searching for the last three years.  When we met them the first time at the piazza they stood and listened to the preaching and then took tracts.  She told my wife that that evening she had actually prayed the prayer on the back of the tract but she did not contact us.  Her husband Sandro has noticed the change in her and is encouraging her to continue to come to church.  She has a great burden for him to be saved and it seems that he is not far off.  Pray also for her mother Francesca Calì who is in the last stages of cancer. Sandra is concerned about her mother’s soul and we are trying to work out a time to visit her and give her the gospel.  Please pray for these different people. 

The church took a trip to Siracusa, we filled a Greyhound style bus to near capacity as our church family had also invited visitors.  We had a good day of sight seeing and then preaching and passing out tracts in the center of the city.  On the bus ride home, a young Filipino man named RapMolen was saved.  He is currently back in the Philippines.  Pray for his growth. 

A young teenage boy named Jasper was saved after Giacomo’s Sunday school class.  Pray for his spiritual growth and church attendance. 

The Capizzi family brought a family friend to church, a young woman named Egle.  She has visited on several occasions but on the last time during a mid week service, she began crying during the opening song and then did not make it through the preaching.  Rosi Capizzi asked my wife to take her out of the service and talk with her about salvation.  They had already been witnessing to her and so she was ready to call upon the Lord Jesus Christ to save her.  After going through the scriptures again, Egle accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior.  When her parents found out, they were upset with what had happened and called the Capizzi’s and let them know that they did not want their daughter to be involved with our church.  Egle is nearly 18 and still lives at home and so for now she is not able to have contact with us.  Pray for her and that in due time she will be able to come around. 

Bro. Maurizio and I made a visit in the hospital to a dying man named Piero.  He was in a coma state and his family was present.  I preached the gospel to them and gave them my testimony.  The family was thankful and wanted to hear more again in the future.  Since then, Piero passed away and we are planning another visit to this family.  Pray for them, I do not even know their last name, but it is the family of Piero. 

I had another chance with Signor Francesco Valentini who is also dying.  He claims to be an atheist.  I have witnessed to him in the past and this time he took a booklet which gives a thorough presentation of the gospel. Pray for him.  Another dying man who needs prayer is Giovanni Spera.  His daughter Ina is an old neighbor of ours and she called to tells us that her father is terrorized with the thought of dying.  Ina herself is still not saved and knows it.  The other family members are hindering the way for me to visit with him.  Pray also about this. 

Rosi, Salvo and Rita are requesting baptism. They are currently working on discipleship lessons.  Pray for them.  Rita’s husband Jerome is not saved and we are praying for him. 

We have started a weekly youth night on Fridays.  There are not many young people yet but the small handful are faithful to meet each week for singing, Bible devotion, prayer, and fellowship.  There are other young people in the picture who do not attend for one reason or  another.  Please pray for them. 

Pray for a new family that has been attending, Oscar and Rely Gomintong and their daughter Riziel.  As far as we know, they are not saved.  They come every Sunday. 

I presented a letter to Judge Randazzo who is handling the case of Kelvin Malvar, a young boy of a family in the Church.  Without going into a lot of details, pray that the letter will be well received and that Kelvin will be returned to the care of his parents. 

Lastly, our first Missions Conference is coming up May 16-19.  We have 4 missionaries coming to present their work, Jamie Homan, missionary in Rome Italy, Bryant Frattalone, missionary to Sicily, Joshua Leib, missionary to Sicily, and Joel Hauser, missionary to Germany.  The church is busy making preparations.  We would appreciate your prayers for the conference.  Pray for the attendance as many in the church have busy work schedules. 

The family is well.  We look forward to seeing our two married daughters with their husbands here for the missions conference.  Joshua and Priscilla will have their two baby daughters with them and Joel and Graziella are expecting their first child next fall.  The rest at home are finishing up their school year. 
We thank each for each one of you for your prayers and faithfulness!!
Bro. Sal Galioto, Heb. 12:1-3 

Greetings Pastors and Faithful Brethren, Happy New Year in Christ Jesus our  Lord, Palermo, 3-11-13 

During the past two months a lot has gone on and here are some of the main highlights.  There have been five saved in our church services and one assurance of salvation made.  Eliano, Derek and Dario were saved on different Sundays.  They are young teenagers and have been faithful to attend church and also the theology class on Tuesday nights.  Pray particularly for Eliano as shortly after his conversion his mother had to be disciplined out of the church for an extra marital relationship.  Pray for Sis. A’s repentance and return to the Lord and also for Eliano that he will continue to come to church and grow.  Leslie came forward to reassure her salvation and is going through some follow up Bible studies.  Salvo Capizzi was saved a couple of weeks ago and had been attending church with his parents for the past couple of months.  He is 19 yrs. old and made a serious confession and profession of his faith.  Before he was saved, of his own choosing he removed his earrings.  He then left his gang of friends and also his steady girlfriend of two years because he did not want to be distracted.  This was done all on his own.  Shortly after that he knelt down with me in my office and received the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior.  He and and his family continue to be faithful in church, Theology class and also come with us for street preaching on Sunday evenings.  Maurizio and Rosi had gotten saved years before both coming out of a serious mafia background.  They had been faithful in a Mennonite church but were not in agreement with the doctrines of the church.  They sort of floundered for a while and then met us last fall on the street while evangelizing.  Right after the new year they began attending and have been in every service and activity.  It was their heart’s desire to see their son Salvo get saved. Pray for this family.  Another great blessing for our church was the salvation of Nenette this past Sunday.  Her husband Alan had gotten saved last year through the ministry of the church and has been faithful in all services, discipleship and street work.  His wife had been in an adulteress relationship for the past 6 years and after Alan was saved my wife and I made several visits to their home trying to win Nenette to the Lord.  She was not ready to get saved but continued to attend church infrequently.  We can only just praise the Lord for the amazing grace and patience that he gave to Bro. Alan to continue to care for her and love her.  The whole church knew of her relationship and she knew that everyone knew.  The sisters of the church continued to show love and kindness to her and all of this over time softened her heart.  A couple of months ago she cut off the relationship she was in and began attending church very regularly with her husband.  Then this past Sunday I was led of the Lord to preach on the woman of Samaria at the well and during the invitation my wife asked her if she was ready to get saved and she replied "very much so, I have been waiting for someone to lead me".  She then went to the altar broke down and cried her heart out asking the Lord to save her.  Basically the whole church was in tears to see her so broken.  She was so very thankful for her salvation and loves much because she has been forgiven much.  We have asked for prayer for her in our other letters and so those of you who have been praying can rejoice in the fruit of your labors with us for the salvation of Nenette.  Pray for their daughter Lyka who is 16 and attends church but needs to be saved.  We have another Italian family who have been joining us for our midweek service and also street meetings.  Cosimo and Daniela Sabato with their two children Cristina and GianLuca.  They have been a blessing and we pray that the Lord will meet their spiritual needs.  Cosimo lost his job with Enel which is Italy’s main electric company.  He has a family to feed and so is greatly burdened with this need. Please pray for this.  Brother Stefano Petraglia has been visiting with us from First Bible, Pastor Mike Veach in Staten Island, NY.  This is his third con-secutive visit over the past three years and each time he has been a great blessing to our family and the ministry by participating and also ministering the Word of God. He preached twice in church and also publically at Piazza Politeama with Samuele translating.  We also took a trip to my native city of Termini where we had a cook out with my cousin out at his country house and then preached publically at the belvedere, sang and passed out tracts.  The belvedere is a piazza at a high altitude that overlooks the lower part of the city and the sea and is a popular place for people to walk or just hang around.  Brother Steven came with us, he’s black and he preaches up a storm.  This was also the first time for me to preach publically in my native city and I met up with some relatives who said they were glad to see what we were doing.  As the Lord wills, I hope to have more opportunities to evangelize in Termini.  The church had a Faith Promise Sunday on February.   All the messages prior to that from the beginning of the New Year were around the teaching of faithfulness, both God toward us and us toward God.  On that Sunday we had good start pledged monthly for missions.  May 16-19 is our mission’s conference and we have at least three missionaries who will be presenting their work and preaching the Word of God.  As the Lord leads these missionaries will be taken on for monthly support.  We appreciate your prayers for this.  Several from the church took a trip up to the mountains to see the snow.  The young people had a great time throwing snowballs and building snowmen.  On April 1 the church is planning a trip to Siracusa (Syracuse where the apostle Paul landed and more than likely preached).  We plan to preach publically and distribute tracts, do some sightseeing and also visit a handful of Filippino brethren who are meeting together but have no pastor.  Please pray about this trip.